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Our office is located at 6930 Parkwood Boulevard. We are on the northeast corner of the intersection with Stonebrook Parkway, directly across Parkwood Boulevard from the Frisco Police Department.

The office is open six days a week and occasionally on Sunday, if we need to follow-up with a sick child seen the previous day. Routine office hours are from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Thursday and from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Fridays. We will, however, see patients until 7:00 PM Monday through Thursdays when needed. These hours vary according to the season!


Pediatric care involves both the well child and the sick child. Every child is both at some time in his or her life. Our routine well child care focuses on growth and development of the child. We provide guidance about the “normal” aspects of this growth and development as well as monitor for deviation from the “norm” with subsequent care for those issues.

Immunizations are a very important component of our preventive health care. We believe that vaccines truly save lives! We therefore adhere closely to the immunization schedule recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics and legislated into law by the State of Texas.

Vaccines and Immunization Schedules

Finally, preventive care for our children also includes periodic screening, such as vision and hearing screening, urine analysis, anemia testing, blood pressure monitoring, scoliosis screening, body mass index monitoring, cholesterol and lipid assessment and lifestyle improvements.

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When our patients become ill, we usually see them the same day that an appointment is requested. If specialist referrals or imaging procedures are warranted, those are arranged by the office staff.

Once the office is closed, it is the office caregivers who handle the after-hour telephone calls. And… we do not charge for the telephone calls!


Patients are seen by appointment only. Typically, we will be able to schedule your child for an ill visit the day of your call. For a routine well visit, depending on the time of day needed, we can usually schedule it within 1-2 days. During July and August we do get bombarded with all the annual physicals and sports physicals needed before school starts, so consider booking these appointments way in advance!

We ask that you always have your insurance card with you when you come in so that we can make sure we have the most up-to-date policy information. If your insurance has changed since your last visit, please advise us of the new information when scheduling, so we may confirm eligibility prior to the visit. If we cannot confirm your insurance information and eligibility by the time of your appointment, we will have you pay as a self-pay patient. Once we confirm that the visit will be covered you will be refunded.

Payment is due when services are rendered, unless a prior arrangement has been made with Dr Stokes or the Billing Manager. This includes payment for copays, deductibles and any non-covered services.

If you arrive 15 minutes or more late for your appointment, we may ask you to reschedule, or we may need to squeeze you in as we can. If you anticipate being late, please notify us on your way. We ask 24 hours’ notice if you cannot make your previously scheduled appointment. If you do not show up and do not let us know in advance, this prevents us from seeing another patient during that scheduled time. Therefore, if this happens, there will be a $20 no-show fee added to your account.

Telephone calls

Frisco Pediatrics, P.A. encourages parents to use common sense and educational resources before making telephone calls to the office, especially after hours. Please do not hesitate to call for an important concern or true emergency. We do not charge for after-hours calls, as we understand that you would not call us in the middle of the night unless you really needed to speak with one of us!

After-hours calls are always returned by one of our providers during the weekdays. Call the office telephone number and the answering service will contact the provider on call immediately. Please make sure you turn off the anonymous call-block feature on your phone in order to avoid any delay in the return of your call. (Please note that we do share weekend calls with another pediatric practice. That office does charge for after-hours telephone calls.)

Calls made to the office during the day will be returned as soon as a nurse is available to return the call. Calls deemed of a higher medical necessity will be returned first. Some calls may not be returned until lunchtime or sometimes not until the end of the day, but all calls will be returned before we leave the office each night.

Meet the Doctor

Frisco Pediatrics, PA offers complimentary “Meet the Doctor” appointments. These appointments can be made with any of the providers, usually during our lunch breaks, Tuesdays through Fridays. These meetings are intended for you to meet us, see the office and get a feel for the practice so you can have the information you need to make that most important decision of choosing the best pediatrician for your family. We will also inundate you with some of the latest information on pediatric care during this informal meeting.

New Babies!

First of all, congratulations on your new bundle of joy (and pride and apprehension and sleeplessness and…)!

If you are having your baby at Baylor Medical Center at Frisco, please let the hospital know when you check in that we are your baby’s pediatrician. Dr Stokes will examine your baby within the first 24 hours of life, and each day thereafter while in the hospital. She will spend time with you and answer any questions you may have.

If you deliver at any other hospital the staff pediatricians will care for your baby while you are in the hospital. Please call our office upon discharge and we will schedule an appointment for your baby to be seen within 24 to 48 hours after discharge to follow up on your new baby. Please bring with you the baby’s birth records from that hospital.

Call our office if you have any concerns about your new baby. Trust your instinct! Being a new parent is scary and difficult at times and we can help ease you into parenthood with the help of our many years of training and experience.


We receive many, many forms to fill out for our patients: forms for school, for camp, for daycare, etc. We can fill out these forms for patients who have been seen for a full well child visit or physical within the last 12 months. If your child has not been seen for a well child checkup in this office, or if it has been more than 12 months since the child was seen, he or she needs to be seen before we can fill out the requested form. We require up to 72 hours for completion of these forms, especially during those hectic summer hours.

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Medications are prescribed only on an as-needed basis. Antibiotics will be prescribed only after your child has been seen by a provider. If the examiner determines that an antibiotic is the correct treatment, it will be prescribed at the end of that visit.

If you need a prescription refill, call your pharmacy first. If refills remain from the original prescription, the pharmacy will fill the prescription. If there are no refills remaining, the pharmacy will contact us for authorization to refill the prescription. Refill requests can also be made by calling our office directly and leaving a message. Make sure to leave your child’s name, date of birth, medication to be refilled, pharmacy number and the best number to reach you, in case we have a question. Refill requests are usually done by the end of the day.

Refills on ADHD medications must be picked up in person. We ask that you give us at least 72 hours’ notice to complete these prescriptions. They must be filled within 21 days of the date on the prescription.


We do much of any required laboratory work here in the office. Many of these tests include rapid antigen tests (strep throat, monospot, influenza, RSV), urine analysis, some bloodwork. If more complex testing is required, our skilled staff can draw the blood and send samples out to your respective laboratories. For some bloodwork, however, overnight fasting of the child or refrigeration of the specimen is required: this type of laboratory work must be done at “the lab”.

Medical Records

If you need copies of your child’s medical records you may request them by filling out a Release of Medical Records Authorization. We ask that you give us up to 15 working days to have these prepared. A records release fee per record may be charged ($25 for the first 20 pages and $.50 for each additional page).

Referrals to Specialists

Over the years we have referred our patients to many qualified medical specialists. We have developed lists of specialists and subspecialists who have done excellent work in the past and with whom we are extremely comfortable sending our patients for evaluation. We work closely with these professionals so they have all the information they need prior to seeing a patient and they in turn keep us informed about any patient visit with them.

Please ensure that the specialist is in your insurance plan network before scheduling the appointment. If you need our office to send an insurance referral, please allow us at least one week to do so.


Payment is expected at the time of service unless alternate arrangements have been made prior to treatment. Copays or deductibles must be paid up front, absent an insurance carrier contract provision to the contrary. Since insurance carriers have different fee schedules, and an exact amount of deductible is not usually known prior to receiving the explanation of payment, this office requires a deductible payment up front that is less than what the actual deductible will be. We will bill the patient for the remainder once the exact amount is known.

You must bring your child’s current insurance card to every visit. We will file insurance claims for the services rendered at this office as a courtesy to you. Please understand that anything that the insurance companies allow, but do not pay to us, is the patient/member’s ultimate responsibility. We will send a statement to you if the insurance applies something to patient responsibility. Do not ignore statements. If you feel an error has been made, contact your insurance about it and let us know you have spoken with them. We can put your billing on hold until they fix the error and we receive payment, up to a realistic timeframe. If they still do not pay, it is the patient/member’s responsibility to pay Frisco Pediatrics for the treatment received.

If statements go unanswered and a balance remains, your account will be turned over to a collections agency. If you are having financial difficulty and cannot pay the whole balance, we are happy to set up a monthly payment plan for the balance; just please make us aware of the situation!

If you are divorced, and your divorce decree states that your ex-spouse is responsible for medical payments, he or she can reimburse you after payment is made to this office, but we must collect payment from the parent who brings in the child. We would be happy to supply you with an itemized statement to help you get reimbursed. A credit card payment may also be phoned in at the time of the appointment.

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